Why Buy a Home Without Professional Help?
There is a great commercial that was playing around Christmas time for a stock brokerage firm named Invesco. The brokerage firm was responding to the popularity of the public investing on their own via internet brokerage sites. As the different characters in the commercial woke up, rode the escalator, and went to work, a group of people in suits and ties followed them while all speaking at the same time. You as the viewer and the characters in the commercial couldn’t understand a thing they are saying, since everyone is speaking at the same time. Take a look:

As a Realtor, I laughed, because that commercial greatly reflects the same thing that home buyers go through.
On the internet, you can can find all sorts of information about how to buy a house, sales data, tax records, etc. You can find so much information that it is overwhelming, like a crowd of people all talking to you at one time. A home buyer needs someone to help them interpret the flood of information that you find on the internet & on TV home shows. Not everything on the internet is accurate, so you need a third party who isn’t emotionally attached to the process to guide you through fact from fiction. You want an “apples to apples” comparison of sold homes to the home you are interested in, rather than a comparison based on tax data that does not take the condition of the compared homes into consideration. You also need someone from your local market to walk you through the home buying process rather than tips from a California real estate professional that are on a web-site or from TV shows.
Before you start looking at homes, find a Realtor. Find someone who has been in the business, whom you trust, and/or someone whom your friends/family recommend. Be sure the agent you use is experienced and well educated. The letters written by their names (ABR, ePro, GRI, etc.) mean they have taken extra course work to ensure that they serve you in the best way possible. You need to know that calling the agent with the sign in the yard and buying a house through that agent guarantees that you won’t have your own advocate guiding you through the process and looking out for your best interests. That being said, it’s vitally important that you have your own Realtor to show you homes & take care of you. After all, Realtors sell hundreds to thousands of homes in their lifetime, while the general public buys 1 to 2 homes in their lifetime.
Buying a home is the biggest investment that a majority of people make in their lifetime. Just like investing in stocks is best with the help of a professional stock broker; investing in buying a home is best with the professional help of a Realtor.
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This article was written by Nathan Walldorf but was originally printed in the Saturday Homes section of the Chattanooga Times Free Press.