Short Term Rental News in Chattanooga

Tonight at the Chattanooga City Council meeting the city council chose to delay their vote for 2 weeks after GPS representatives asked the city council in a committee meeting earlier in the afternoon to create a 500 foot to a 1,000 foot buffer between schools and vacation rentals (liquor stores only have a 500 foot buffer between schools or religious building).  Girls Preparatory School is concerned that sexual predators will stay in $180 a night vacation rentals and assault their students.  Short term rental or Air BnB guests attacking neighbors is not something I could find any evidence for when I did my research.  The Regional Planning Agency wants to listen to the concerns that were voiced before the Chattanooga City Council makes their final vote.  If you would like to be a part of this meeting, please email Jerry Bridger at [email protected] in order to get info on when that meeting will take place.  If you own a short term rental, you will want to attend this meeting and rebut false accusations of the “dangers” of Air BnB.


Maybe in a few weeks, there will be a short term rental permit, but we will see what happens.  Below is a map of the most recent proposed short term rental zone.