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Choose a realtor who combines his integrity & hard work with cutting edge knowledge in technology, market trends & strategic negotiation.
Allow me to intermediate between you and the difficult dealings one can have in a buyer’s market. Your time is money: allow me to invest the many hours and energy it takes to get your home sold. Let it be a hassle-free affair!

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NAR Releases Their Design Turn Offs List

1. Popcorn ceilings.  Home buyers today want smooth ceilings.  They get turned off by popcorn ceilings.
2. Brass fixtures.  Brass is 80′s, and it’s out.  No one wants brass hinges, brass pulls, brass light fixtures, or brass faucets.  Changing out brass for stainless steel isn’t that hard, and it pays off.
3. Dated wallpaper.  Home buyers don’t want to pay someone to professionally remove wallpaper, and they don’t want to do all of the work that it takes to strip wallpaper.
4. Too many mirrors aren’t good.  Entire walls that are covered with mirrors are out of style.
5. Peach and Mauve Paint.  If your house has any of these colors, you need to paint your house to sell it.  Freshen up the house with more modern colors.
Change these design turn offs, and it will help you sell your home faster.  It will also make your home more appealing to home buyers.

Realtor, Lane Mabray, commented; “Dark, with all blinds shut, homes, too many “personal” items and yes, clutter. I started hiring a stager 8 yrs ago and that was the best $$s I have EVER spent. My listings sell fast and for more $$s. I give the sellers two prices…One “here is where your house will sell if you don’t do what the stager tells you to do and here is where your house will sell IF you do EVERYTHING she suggests”. When they see those #s, 99% of them do it.”
Realtor, Barbara Henderson, commented; “Completely agree! Also agree about ‘smells’ of any kind including overpowering candle scents. Buyers pick up on that and wonder what the seller is trying to mask. Nothing smells quite as good as a sparkling clean home!”
Lane Mabray commented; “Yes, no sickly sweet smells, but I’d rather have candle smells than kitty cat litter or doggie smells. Most owners don’t smell their own pet odors.”

Contact Nathan Walldorf at: 423-544-7700 or email me at: [email protected]

How to Sign a Document Using DocuSign

In order to make it easier and faster for you to receive and sign contract documents, we subscribe to DocuSign.  This program keeps you from having to print the contract, sign the contract, scan the contract, save the contract on your computer, and finally send us an email with the contact attached.  Instead, you sign digitally, and it gets to me and the other agent much more quickly.  Below is how it works step by step.

1)Open the email that I sent you via DocuSign.

2) Click “Review Document.”
3) Click box by “I agree to use electronic records & signatures.”
4) Click “Continue.”
5) Click “Start” in the yellow tab arrow.
6) Click on yellow square that says, “Sign.”
7) Click “Adopt and Sign.”
8) Scroll down to bottom right hand corner and click, “Finish.”
9) You’ll see a box on the page that says, “You’re done signing!”