Medal of Honor Museum Moving Downtown

There will soon be a very special place downtown, where you can introduce your children to role models like Chattanooga’s own Charles H Coolidge and several other medal of honor recipients,” Bill Raines says the men can and will inspire.Medal-of-honor-museum-moving-downtown

“The youth of today need some positive role models,” Raines said. “We are going to have those role models.”

The Charles H. Coolidge Medal of Honor Heritage Center  will soon be located next to the Tennessee Aquarium, and the center will tell those stories.

“These are real heroes that have unreal stories,”Raines said.

The new Medal of Honor Heritage Center will much larger than the current one, which is housed at the Northgate Mall in Hixson for 13 years.  The new exhibits will be bigger and better.

“It’s going to be interactive and help you visualize what is patriotism? What is a sacrifice?” Raines explained.

The displays will be modeled after those in the infantry Museum at Fort Benny.

Medals-of-honorBut they have a lot of work to do, the committee has to raise one million dollars by the end of the year and $6 million dollars in 3 years.

Raines says the group is about halfway to its goal for this year. It hopes veterans will buy a $500 lifetime pass to the museum to raise the rest. Click here to find out more about being a donor.

Donors can give in honor of a family member who served. The names of those veterans will go on the wall of one exhibit.