House Maintenance Minute

Wood does not last forever especially when it is subject to the weather Maintaining-Your-Deckoutside.  Your deck may have looked great when it was built, but you have to keep it sealed in order for it to not deteriorate.  Sealed wood repels rain and moisture.  Unsealed wood absorbs water.  After the wood in your deck is a year or 2 old, it’s time to pressure wash the deck and then seal it with a deck sealer.  Deck-restoring-paintIf the wood is too discolored, you may need to add a color to the sealant.  Now they even have deck restoring paint like in this photo.


Take care of your deck, and it will last you many more years.  If you decide to sell your home some day, a well maintained deck will give a home buyer confidence that you have maintained the rest of your home.