GA Sex Offender Registry Search

GA Sex Offender Registry Search
Below is a Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Sex Offender Registry search.  Neither Nathan Walldorf nor Herman Walldorf & Co. guarantee that the information on this site is correct.  This search is a resource that Herman Walldorf  & Co. is providing, but the actual search is provided by GBI.

GBI Disclosure:

“The goal of this service is solely to provide you with enough information to allow you, through your own efforts, to be more alert regarding matters of interest to you affecting your community. You agree to use the information for the intended purpose of allowing you to increase the precautionary steps taken by you and your family.

Address information is based on available Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and represents only approximate placements. Offenders are required to register their addresses with law enforcement; therefore, the system may not include offenders who have provided false information or are otherwise not in compliance with the applicable laws.

The information provided is directly related to efforts by law enforcement agencies in tracking offenders and is subject to change at any time based on false information provided by offenders that is discovered by law enforcement officials.”