Are you trying to figure out how to spruce up your house to sell it? How do you get the most bang for your buck? According to leading research, the most important things to focus on are exterior replacement projects because they provide the biggest return on investment for homeowners. If the exterior of a house looks sharp, buyers are more likely to want to look at the inside of the house too. So curb appeal is every bit as important as kitchen and bathroom remodels!

The 2015 Cost vs. Value report stated that the top 5 cost-value projects were lead by 1) mid-range roofing replacement, followed in order by 2) mid-range garage door replacement, 3) 20-gauge steel entry door replacement, vinyl 4) siding replacement, and 5) fiberglass entry door replacement. We highly recommend using cement fiber siding, as it gives the house a more upscale appearance. These projects saw a return of 1.7-5.9% more than their actual cost, meaning that not only did the homeowners themselves benefit from the upgrades, but they made money off of doing them as well!

Don’t get discouraged if your house needs a little work before it’s ready to go on the market. While kitchen makeovers and new bathrooms are definite bonuses, research is showing that those don’t in fact earn sellers’ money back the fastest.  A few smaller scale changes can definitely increase the overall value of your home as well as encourage buyers to move in fast. These updates will make potential homeowners take that important second glance at your home, while not breaking your bank.   If you are considering putting your home on the market, please contact Nathan Walldorf at 423-544-7700 to help you get the most for your house.



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