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On a State of Tennessee level, Short-term rentals were debated the entire session. There were competing bills and 15 amendments. In one scenario, a taxing structure would have required businesses such as AirBNB and HomeAway to collectChattanooga-short-term-rentals taxes, receive a percentage, and pay the taxes to the Dept. of Revenue, which would then remit it to the cities. After word got out that Nashville was discussing banning short-term rentals, amendments were filed to prohibit municipalities or local governments from doing so. On the last day of session, that bill died in the Finance Committee. Bottom line: The governance of short-term rentals remains the same, and local governments still have complete control over regulation and zoning.

On the Chattanooga/local level, the Chattanooga City Council is considering a permit process that would allow properties from the base of Missionary Ridge to the TN River, in North Chattanooga, and into St Elmo to be able to apply for a short term rental permit. Neighbors would be notified when a home owner applies for the permit and could contest the permit if they would like. Since it is a permit, it could be taken away if the property is not managed well (with parties or other things happening in the home). Having some level of knowledge of who is running short term rentals in Chattanooga and having some way of taking away that ability to run a short term rental is better than having no enforcement at


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all, which is what Chattanooga currently has right now.

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