7 Ways to Speed Up the Sale of Your Chattanooga Home

  1. Price it right. Set a price at the lower end of your property’s realistic price range.* Home buyers have the internet too, so they will know what other homes are available and what they cost. Home buyers also get some idea of what a property should cost through their experience of looking at other homes on the market in person. A savvy home buyer will use a Realtor & ask their Realtor for a list of comparable sold homes to your house. A Realtor is a professional who knows the market better than anyone, so they are sure to tell a home buyer if a property is priced correctly.
  2. Get your home market ready before you put the home on the market.* After living in your home for several years, you may need to freshen up the paint on the walls and trim. Maybe you’ve lived in the home for so long that your once stylish wallpaper isn’t so stylish anymore. You could possibly have too much stuff in your home that you need to clear out (hence the move to a larger home). People are more motivated by pain more that pleasure, so try to get some of the home buyer’s future pain of remodeling out of the way before you market your home. Sell-Your-Home-FastTry to make your house move-in-ready.
  3. Make the outside of the house look stunning. The most recent Cost vs. Value report released by that National Association of Realtors showed that exterior repairs heightened a house’s curb appeal and recoup the most money when selling a house. Those items included new siding, new doors, & new garage doors. Making your landscaping look well kept will also help your curb-appeal. At first glance on the internet, you want your house to be inviting. You want your house to look like a home that a buyer would want to visit.
  4. Be flexible about showings. It is often disruptive to have a house ready to show on the spur of the moment, but the more often someone can see your home, the sooner you will find a buyer.*
  5. Be ready for the offer. Decide in advance what price and terms you’ll find acceptable.* Don’t get offended if the first offer that you get is lower than what you would like it to be. Counter the buyer’s offer with an offer that is acceptable to you and try to come up an agreeable price. If negotiations come down to a few thousand dollars, be sure that you are willing to keep waiting for another offer for that small amount of money.
  6. Do not refuse to drop the price.* If your home has been on the market for a few months without an offer and with very few showings, it may be time to lower the asking price of your home. If potential buyers are not looking at your house, it is likely that the market is rejecting your house at that price. People shop by comparison, so your house is in competition with every other house on the market in your price range.
  7. Get ready to make some repairs after the contract.  A majority of home buyers will get a home inspection to make sure they know what they are getting into when they buy a home. Home inspectors are paid to find problems with your house, so know that you may have to do a few repairs to please a potential buyer.
    *Reprinted from REALTOR Magazine Online by permission of the National Association of Realtors