Nathan Walldorf Next President Elect of the Chattanooga Association of Realtors

On Thursday, September 11th the Greater Chattanooga Association of Realtors (GCAR) announced that Nathan Walldorf was elected by his peers to be the next Nathan-Walldorf-President-Elect-Chattanooga-AssociationPresident Elect of GCAR starting in December of 2015.  He follows a line of family members at Herman Walldorf & Co. Realtors, Inc. who have also been GCAR Presidents over the years, from his grandfather, to his uncle, and to his father.  They’ve had a long legacy of leadership in the Realtor community.

I was honored to be nominated to be the GCAR President for 2016.  I believe that when God opens a door in front of you, you walk through it or you trust that he’ll close it.  I put my name in the hat, and I am so thankful that so many of my peers voted for me to be the 2016 president of GCAR.  My goal is for the GCAR leadership to be PART OF THE SOLUTION.  It is time for GCAR to step up and reach out to our local leadership more in order to create change to help real estate and home ownership in our community.  The Times Free Press speaks of Millinials having a hard time buying homes right now, so let’s find a solution and some incentives for Millinials to buy homes with the help of the city of Chattanooga.


Coming soon is an Employer Assisted Housing program that will be a combined partnership between GCAR & Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprises (CNE).  It helps employers retain employees by offering them a down payment on a house that is a forgiveable loan after 5 years.  It can also help employers attract talent without using a costly relocation company.


Continuing to protect the public’s right to own property, continuing to make GCAR relevant to Realtors & to the public, & Realtor accountability are all part of what I’d like to see over the next 2 years.


Again, I’m excited and honored to serve as the 2015 president elect and the 2016 president of GCAR.


Autumn Events in Chattanooga Fun for Everyone

The holiday season is again just around the corner. There are no shortage of autumn events in Chattanooga Tennessee for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.
Visitors will take note that purchasing real estate in Chattanooga gives them close access to some of the most beautiful and entertaining season the country has to offer.

Fall Festivals and Autumn Events

Downtown Chattanooga will be alive with concerts and events in the coming months including:
Live Entertainment from local and national bands, performers and comedians.
Various food and wine events.
Chattanooga’s oldest and largest German celebration, Oktoberfest.
Rocktoberfest at Rock City Gardens.
Creative Discovery Museum’s Chocolate Festival
Tennessee Aquarium’s 4th Annual Serve & Protect Show

Fall Colors

Autumn events in Tennessee are alive with an explosion of color. Chattanooga has many places to view them and several ways to get there.
The Tennessee Riverwalk spans 13 miles through the Bluff View Art District.
Ride a bicycle through hundreds of mountain trails on Lookout or Signal Mountain.


Home owners and visitors alike with enjoy the delightful transformation of Chattanooga Tennessee in October into ChattaBOOga!
The downtown area is filled with decorations, entertainment mazes and activities for both children and adults.

This is just a sample of the huge variety of activities available to Chattanooga residents.
For more information dates and pricing for these events visit:

Interested in Making Chattanooga Your New Home?

Chattanooga has an atmosphere you and your family are sure to enjoy. Give Nathan and Charlie Walldorf a call at (423) 544-7700.